Tree Planting Services

Tower Tree Services will also provide complete tree planting services and assist with the best selection of your desired trees from citrus to palms. It is critical to consult with one of our arborists to assure correct planting techniques which will give you the best opportunities for growth and future health. We can select from local nurseries that have a solid reputation for proper care.

Starter nutrients, fertilizers and soil will be selected with care along with a plan for watering. We can tell you which trees will do well in full sun or shade, which soil conditions are suited for the trees of your choice. We go beyond the quick purchase of a sapling and look for any signs of healthy root systems, any girdling or circling to ensure a healthy tree for many years. We can provide photographs of trees suitable for your area and what thrives in Orange county.


By planting new trees in your residence or business, it can boost the appeal of your property and increase the value. When those hot summers come it can provide shade and protect the home from weathering. Trees utililize carbon dioxide and provide oxygen necessary for all life. If on a slope or hill, it can prevent erosion and reduce runoff from heavy rains. In addition trees provide shelter for many bird species. It can reduce water demands on your lawn by providing shade that slows down the need for lawn watering. They can beautify your home or business with flowering species. If you live near a busy street or freeway, trees can be selected to absorb traffic noise. In heavy rains they can absorb more water and prevent flooding, in the summer they provide the enjoyment of cool shade. We can provide all your needs regardless of a single family home up to parks, commercial properties or local and state government properties. We have a complete fleet of trucks and cranes to plant the largest of trees.

Now as far as tree selection goes, California is unique in that it there are five climate zones packed into our state. They include Desert, Cool Interior, Highland and Steppe, we are a Mediterranean climate for all purposes the same as our neighbors around the world that share our same lattitude which is 36.6 degrees. Similar plants would do well anywhere in the world at this lattitude. If you look at tropical rainforests around the world, they all sit near or on the equator which is 0 degrees. Now we dont have to go into that much detail but it is helpful to understand that not everything grows well if you dont do your research on climate zones where you live. For our purposes we Irvine residents are in hardiness zones 10a and 10b, we have warm summers and cool wet winters, we can enjoy the most beautiful weather anywhere in the world, but still prone to flooding, heat waves, extreme winds, wildfires and droughts like we have been experiencing. Despite this we enjoy approximatley two hundred and seventy frost free days throughout the year. We in Southern California can enjoy three hundred and sixty five days of growing season while our northern neighbors in the High Sierra only have fifty days. In Irvine and Orange County we can support some types of tropical trees like banana, and many favorite fruit trees like lemon, oranges, kumquats, figs, mangoes, and persimmons. Looking for shade trees, try the exotic Jacaranda or Brazilian fern tree. Conifers like the Aleppo Pine or Canary Island Pine do well in Zone 10. Like beautiful flowers? Try Crepe Myrtle. Keep in mind that every one of these trees have pros and cons, some drop leaves, some have large roots that break up sidewalks and driveways, so in addition to beauty, shade, and aesthetics you have to keep in mind how much maintenance is required to make a good fit. It might be a good idea to go to a botanical garden and see what you like best. We can point you to local nurseries that have extensive knowledge about what best suits your needs.

Please dont hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about beginning a new tree planting campaign at or call us at 714-916-5232 for a free consultation.